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Series 70: eRDP SafeArm

The Series 70: eRDP SafeArm is a web-enabled power panel with No Exposed Live Parts. The Series 70: eRDP SafeArm is a SIMO Configuration (Single Input, Multiple Outputs) with a NELP (No Exposed Live Parts) design. The eRDP SafeArm is designed for safe, expandable power distribution, permitting new circuit breaker installation without exposing the operator to exposed live parts. The Series 70: eRDP SafeArm is ideal for facilities with increasing power requirements, such as data centers, IT Infrastructure, cloud computing, manufacturing, critical business servicies, and for cryptocurrency mining applications.

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SafeArm Mechanical Overview

SafeArm Doors Closed
SafeArm PDU Front with Outer Doors Open
SafeArm Power Panel with Dead Front Doors Open
SafeArm Power Panel Input Section Doors Open
SafeArm Power Panel Input Section Inner Doors Open

Safety-Inspired Design

Open Circuit Breaker Door Install Circuit Breaker Install Cables Install Cables Close Doors 0%

One-Line Electrical Diagram

LayerZero SafeArm eRDP SafeArm Oneline Diagram

Convenient Cable Access

The Series 70 SafeArm features top cable/conduit exit from the panels. Input connections are inside the right-side hinged door, and utilize two-hole compression-style lugs

Top Cable Entry/Exit


SafePanel™ Distribution is Finger-Safe and rated IP-20.

SafeArm eRDP SafePanel Distribution

Reliability, Safety, Convenience, and Monitoring Features

Connectivity Options

eRDP Connectivity

Series 70 SafeArm Technical Specifications

Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions 90.2"H x 87"W x 29.5"D

Panel Board Configurations

• Exposed Live Parts
• Requires deenergizing before an employee works on or near equipment
• Safe to Install Additional Circuit Breakers When Disconnected
• Ideal for environments where live equipment can be shut down for maintenance.
• No Exposed Live Parts
• Finger Safe (IP-20 Rated) Panel Board
• Includes Panel Board Shrouds
• Designed to Maximize Operator Safety
• Designed for environments that require uninterrupted power.

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