Series 70: eSTS 1600 A - 4000 A

Designed to protect critical operations, and even entire buildings - the LayerZero Power Systems Series 70: eSTS is a Static Transfer Switch that maximizes power reliability. The Series 70: eSTS is designed to switch between multiple power sources very fast - less than a quarter of an electrical cycle. The eSTS features a solid-state transfer switch that automatically or manually provides static transfers between two AC sources. The eSTS is a MISO Configuration (Multiple Inputs, Single Output), and is ready to accept either 2 or 3 power sources. If the primary source goes out of specification, eSTS transfers to the secondary (backup) source.

eSTS Product Overview

The Series 70: eSTS Static Transfer Switch contains a control section and circuit breaker section.

The control section contains the System Control Data Boards, SCR Gate Drives, a Redundant Power Supply System, an IO System, and VPN Router. The circuit breaker section contains SCRs, Snubber Circuits, Heat Sinks, and Circuit Breakers.

eSTS with Mimic
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eSTS Mechanical Overview

4000 A eSTS Doors Closed
4000 A eSTS Doors Open
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Reliability, Safety, Convenience, and Monitoring Features

Connectivity Options

eSTS Connectivity

eSTS Technical Specifications

Current Voltage Heat Dissipation Weight Dimensions 
 1200 A

208 V, 4-wire, 60Hz

480 V, 3-wire, 60Hz

600 V, 3-wire, 60Hz

380 V, 4-wire, 50Hz

400 V, 4-wire, 50Hz

415 V, 4-wire, 50Hz

24,000 BTU/Hr 5,500 lbs 96" W x 48" D x 90" H
2000 A 68,300 BTU/Hr 7,600 lbs 152" W x 57.5" D x 85" H
4000 A 112,800 BTU/Hr 11,000 lbs 240" W x 58" D x 90" H

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