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Designing Best-In-Class Power Reliability Solutions


LayerZero Power Systems designs high-reliability power distribution and power quality monitoring products, including Static Transfer Switch products, Power Distribution Units, and Remote Power Panels. LayerZero Solutions are best-in-class, and are very different.


Power Distribution Products That Are Very Reliable


LayerZero is the foundation layer of data centers, and we are leading the industry with an array of features designed to offer safety to power distribution professionals, such as InSight™ IR Portholes with infrared thermal scanning ability with dead-front doors closed, Selective-Trip Coordination, the IP-20 rated finger-safe SafePanel™, and mechanical interlocks built into the breaker operations.


How Are LayerZero Products Different?


LayerZero Static Transfer Switches have patented Dynamic Phase Compensation technology that automatically compensates for differences in phases between sources, eliminating downstream transformer inrush from out-of-phase transfers for maximum power reliability. LayerZero Power Systems is the only provider of the benefits of Triple Modular Redundancy in power distribution systems, providing reliability 10X higher than Single Modular Redundant systems.


Made For Connectivity


LayerZero systems are well connected, offering source and load power quality data collection, forensic waveform captures to allow operators to precisely identify where faults occur, and remote web-enabled monitoring utilizing open protocols.


Designed specifically for critical operations and trusted by the world's leading organizations, LayerZero Power Systems maximizes uptime and availability by ensuring that the power distribution foundation layer is extremely reliable.


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