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Power Distribution Units

LayerZero Power Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced Web-Enabled Power Distribution Units (ePODs) that deliver uninterrupted three-phase electrical power and circuit breaker protection for mission-critical power distribution systems. These units are specifically designed to be used in data centers where power quality and reliability are of utmost importance.

ePODs are available as standalone cabinets or integrated with Static Transfer Switches and UPS Systems for applications that require redundant power. They contain Static Transfer Switches with optional transformers and power distribution. eSTS systems are referred to as ePODs and utilize either the 1200 A or 400 A SafePanel™ Panel Board.

In data center installations, ePODs are typically installed into Power Panels to provide Selective Trip Coordination and Circuit Protection to mission-critical loads. The main components of a PDU are main breaker(s), panel boards, guided wireways, a control panel, and a web-server.

LayerZero ePODs are engineered to deliver reliable, high-quality power to critical loads in mission-critical environments. By incorporating advanced features like web-enabled monitoring and control, LayerZero ePODs provide enhanced visibility and control over power distribution systems, enabling users to quickly identify and resolve issues to maintain maximum uptime.

Power Distribution Units

Power Distribution Units Purpose

A Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a device that distributes electric power to the critical load in power distribution systems. The primary function of LayerZero ePODs Power Distribution Units is to provide power reliability, delivering energy to critical power loads safely, reliably, and efficiently. LayerZero ePODs include optional Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) control systems, for added redundancy that provides 10x higher reliability than alternative configurations. 

Series 70: ePODs Power Distribution Units provide power protection for server power distribution, and connect to uninterrupted power systems (UPS) devices or Static Transfer Switch (eSTS) devices. Intended for data centers and mission-critical applications, LayerZero ePODs Power Distribution Units provide complete power reliability, advanced monitoring capabilities, with remote management functionality and open connectivity. LayerZero ePODs Power Distribution Units are designed for operator safety, equipped standard with InSight IR™ Portholes, with optional SafePanel™ Distribution. Utilizing a convection-cooled fanless-design, ePODs Power Distribution Units do not require dedicated cooling and AC, and are designed for long-term uptime and reliability.

LayerZero ePODs Make Adding Additional Capacity Safe

LayerZero ePODs Power Distribution Units ensure flexibility by safely permitting the addition of additional circuit breakers to meet growing power demands. ePODs utilize the LayerZero SafePanel™, a finger-safe panel board that fully encapsulates the circuit breaker connection in a finger-safe recessed well. The SafePanel features an "Arc-Free Zone", which prevents phases from cross-connecting when adding additional circuit breakers.

Power Distribution Units Networking & Monitoring

LayerZero ePODs Power Distribution Units are equipped standard with web servers that connect directly into networks via open protocols, including Ethernet Cable, TCP/IP, SNMP, and Modbus. Layerzero Power Distribution Units have monitoring tools that connect with System Management Software utilizing open protocols to help manage electrical power distribution systems. Power Distribution Units with integrated Static Transfer Switches have the ability to automatically send emails immediately after power transfers, providing a waveform capture picture of the transfer immediately after it was made.

Power Distribution Units (ePODs) with IP connectivity can be accessed remotely via secure connection, providing information such as panel names, metering data, and waveform capture. 

LayerZero ePODs Power Distribution Unit Standard Models

LayerZero Power Systems ePODs Power Distribution Units are based on standard configurations that are customized to specific requirements. Our ePODs designs cover a wide variety of Static Transfer Switch, Transformer, and Power Distribution requirements. Power Quality Monitoring, including real-time waveform capture, is available on all units.

  Static Transfer Switch Primary Side Transformer Secondary Side Transformer SafePanel™ Distribution
ePODs: Type-P  
ePODs: Dual Type-P  
ePODs: Type-S  
ePODs: Type-N    
ePODs: Type-X    

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LayerZero Power Distribution Unit Innovations

• First to introduce Triple Modular Redundant design in a Static Transfer Switch

• First to introduce real-time Waveform Capture

• First to introduce triple digital signal processors

• First to introduce Dynamic Phase Compensation technology for out-of-phase transfers

• First to introduce Voice Prompted Bypass Procedure

• Front only connection access on Power Distribution Units

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