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INSIGHT IR® Provides Early Detection of Thermal Issues

In critical power distribution systems, a higher-than-normal rise in temperature can indicate a potential problem, such as a loose connection. Infrared cameras can be used to safely detect areas that are emmitting excessive heat, so that thermal issues can be proactively identified and corrected before they lead to major problems. Many facilities perform IR scanning as a predictative maintenance procedure on a regular basis, in an effort to detect early indications of component failures. INSIGHT IR™ is a thermal camera system for LayerZero products that is designed to continously monitor the temperatures of critical components, so that higher-than-normal temperature rises are detected as early-as-possible.

INSIGHT IR® is designed to provide early detection of thermal related issues, maximizing product reliability and reducing the probability of unexpected downtime. INSIGHT IR™ supports up to 16 cameras, is compatible with bolted connections and critical components, and works with all LayerZero products.

INSIGHT IR® continuously monitors the temperatures of electrical connections in critical facilities, to reduce unplanned maintenance costs and maximize product reliability.

INSIGHT IR® Generates Live Thermal Images of All Customer Connections

INSIGHT IR® uses a Network of Fixed-Mount Infrared Cameras to Capture and Record Temperatures Of All Customer Connections In Real-Time Source 1 Output Source 2 Capture Raw Data On All Cameras Capture Image of Current Camera Record Video of Current Camera

INSIGHT IR® generates and displays live thermal images of all customer connections, and makes these images accessible on a local display or remotely. INSIGHT IR helps make preventative maintenance easy - customers can switch between different cameras to view the temperatures of bolted connections in real-time.

Controls to Customize Image Generation to Individual Preferences

INSIGHT IR Image Controls Opacity Controls Color Controls TemperatureOverlay Generate From Archive INSIGHT IR® Displays a Heatmap Over an Picture with Image Controls.

Individual Phase Temperature Monitoring

Segment Temperatures by Phase to Quicker Find The Root Cause of the Alarm Thermal Balance Displays the Standard Deviation of the Average of Each Phase

Measurements of the INSIGHT IR® heatmap can be isolated by phase to make it easier to identify the specific location of potential problems. Isolating temperatures into "zones" allows users to view the filter temperatures by individual phases and components, making root cause analysis faster and easier. INSIGHT IR® calculates the average and thermal balance between phases, to allow users to quickly and quantitatively tell how much variability exists between the temperatures of each phase.

View Trends over a Period of Time with Temperature Timeline

INSIGHT IR Temperature Timeline

The INSIGHT IR® Temperature Timeline displays a line graph of the minimum, average, and maximum of every "zone" for each camera. Isolating temperatures by "zones" allows users to view the filter temperatures by individual phases and components, making root cause analysis faster and easier.

Helpful Alarms To Find the Root Cause of Potential Problems

INSIGHT IR Alarms INSIGHT IR® Automatically Captures a Picture of Each Event That Triggered an Alarm. Next Capture Time: 2 Minutes 29 Seconds

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