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Product Overview

The LayerZero ePanel-HD1 is a web-enabled remote power panel (eRPP) with subfeed distribution. It is a SIMO configuration (single input, multiple outputs), meaning that it has a single input power source and multiple output circuits. The ePanel-HD1 is ideal for applications that require high-reliability power distribution in a wall-mounted, space-saving design.

The core functionality of the LayerZero ePanel-HD1 is to distribute power to a large number of circuits. This makes it ideal for applications with high power requirements, such as data centers and large industrial facilities.

The ePanel-HD1 also features a number of safety features, including SafePanel® distribution, dead front doors, no exposed live parts (NELP) and polycarbonate windows. These features help to protect users and equipment from electrical hazards.

If you are looking for a high-reliability, safe, and versatile power distribution solution, the LayerZero ePanel-HD1 is a great option.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Physical Specifications

Dimensions 91" x 24" x 13" (including feet) (2300 mm x 610 mm x 332 mm)
Weight 450 lbs (204 kg)
Clearances Front 36” [915mm] Rear 0 Left 0 Right 0 Top 18” [457mm]
Heat Dissipation N/A
Color Gray, Black
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
CSA Rating Certified to CSA STD C22.2#29
UL Rating Conforms to UL STD 67
Distribution Type Subfeed Distribution

System Specifications

System Input Voltage 480V, 3-Phase, 3-Wire + Ground
System Input Current Rating 800A
System Frequency 60Hz
System Withstand 65kA
System Mounting Type Floor-mounted / Wall-mounted
Color Light Gray
Presence of Main Circuit Breaker Yes
Presence of Auxiliary Circuit Breaker No
Sync Check Relay Required N/A
Presence of Kirk Key Interlock N/A
Presence of Incoming Current Monitoring Yes
Presence of Incoming Voltage Monitoring Yes
Presence of Local Display Yes
Type of Local Display Intermediate: 800x600 pixels, 16-bit color
Presence of Distribution Yes
Access Type Front Only
Distribution Side Front
Distribution Type Subfeed Distribution
Presence of Subfeed Current Monitoring Yes
Subfeed Type 1200A SafePanel®
Subfeed Panel Board Quantity 1
Location of Main Circuit Breakers Separate Cabinet


Frame Rating 250
Circuit Breaker Type Electronic Trip (LS/I)
Circuit Breaker Mounting Type Plug-in, (1) 4 AWG-300 MCM line lugs
Max Steady State Rating 250
Percent Rating 80
Fault Rating at Rated Voltage 65kAIC @ 480VAC
Presence of Shunt Trip No
Presence of CB Position Indications No
Presence of Lockout/Tag-out Bracket Yes
Number of Poles 3
Supplier ABB

Panel Board 1

Current 1200
Withstand 100
Supplier ABB

Safety Features

Safety Features

The LayerZero ePanel HD1 is designed for maximum operator safety. It uses a sectionalized design, which means that the power quality monitoring is housed in a separate section from the circuit breakers and customer cable connections. This compartmentalized design allows the equipment to be safely operated and serviced.

In normal operation, the inner dead-front doors of the HD1 remain closed.

A polycarbonate window in the door allows operators to safely view the circuit breaker positions with the dead front door closed. INSIGHT IR® cameras (optional) or an IR Port (standard) provides the ability to monitor the temperatures of critical connections with the doors safely closed.

The LayerZero Power Systems ePanel HD1 is a safe and reliable piece of equipment that is designed to protect operators and equipment.

Reliability Features

Reliability Features

The LayerZero ePanel HD1 is a highly reliable Remote Power Panel designed to provide power distribution and monitoring for critical applications. It offers advanced safety and reliability features to ensure consistent and dependable power delivery.

The ePanel HD1 is built with high-quality components, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. HD1 features silver-plated connections, which enhance conductivity and minimize resistance, resulting in optimal power transmission.

With its comprehensive design, the ePanel HD1 is capable of meeting the demands of various operating conditions. It incorporates a seismic rating, making it suitable for installations in seismically active areas. This ensures the stability and performance of the panel, even during earthquakes.

The ePanel HD1 also incorporates serialized board tracking, enabling easy identification and tracking of individual boards within the panel. This feature simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting, such as having the ability to detect for part defects.

With its reliable performance, advanced features, and safety-focused design, the LayerZero ePanel HD1 is an excellent choice for organizations that require a dependable and safe remote power panel to support their critical applications.

Power Quality Monitoring Features

Power Quality Monitoring Features

The LayerZero ePanel HD1 is equipped with an advanced Power Quality Monitoring (PQM) system that provides local and remote access using non-proprietary protocols. The PQM system includes basic monitoring, alarms, waveform capture, and ITIC plotting capabilities.

The ITIC plotting utility is used to audit the quality of transfers.

Connectivity Features

Connectivity Features
  • Ethernet Connectivity: This port is used to connect to to a network.
  • Modbus/TCP: This protocol is used to communicate with BMS systems.
  • SNMP Connectivity: This protocol is used to manage the switch remotely.

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