Series 70: eRPP

The Series 70: eRPP is a remote power panel that is designed to increase safety and maximize reliability. The Series 70: eRPP is a SIMO Configuration (Single Input, Multiple Outputs) Remote Power Panel.

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eRPP Mechanical Overview

eRPP Remote Power Panel with the Outer Door Closed
eRPP Remote Power Panel Outer Door Open
eRPP Remote Power Panel with the Bottom Dead Front Door Open
eRPP Remote Power Panel with the Top Dead Front Door Open

Reliability, Safety, Convenience, and Monitoring Features

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eSTS Connectivity

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eRPP Technical characteristics

Mechanical Characteristics
Weight 410 lbs (186 kg)
Dimensions 24"W x 24"D x 95"H (1067 mm W x 1067 mm D x 2413 mm H )


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