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LayerZero Power Systems is a renowned provider of power distribution and quality monitoring solutions. Recognized for our unwavering commitment to high-reliability design, we continuously innovate and enhance our products to deliver cutting-edge solutions that establish new benchmarks for reliability and operator safety.

With a deep understanding of the critical nature of power infrastructure, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our work. When other options fall short, customers turn to LayerZero for the safest, most reliable, and well-connected power quality products available worldwide. We take pride in being a trusted partner for businesses across the globe, dedicated to empowering your critical infrastructure needs so you can focus on running your operations.

Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero Power Systems Static Transfer Switches (eSTS) are designed for mission-critical power applications where safety and reliability are essential. Our eSTS solutions ensure fast and reliable power transfer between multiple sources, ideal for data centers and mission-critical facilities where uninterrupted power is crucial. With advanced features for connectivity and monitoring, LayerZero Static Transfer Switches offer a best-in-class solution designed to to the specific demands of mission-critical power distribution systems.

2-Source STS

Power Distribution Units

LayerZero's Power Distribution Units (ePODs) are designed to address the complex power needs of mission-critical environments. Prioritizing safety, our PDUs provide reliable power distribution in data centers and mission-critical environments, backed by advanced connectivity and monitoring features such as real-time waveform capture and VDAT plotting.

PDUs (Subfeeds)

Mission Critical Power Panels

RPPs (42-Circuit Panels)

LayerZero Power Systems offers Mission-Critical Power Panels (eRPPs) that are designed to provide safe and reliable power distribution in mission-critical environments. Featuring the SafePanel® panel boaard, these power panels are ideal for accommodating the evolving power demands of data centers and similar facilities, featuring advanced power quality monitoring functionality, including real-time waveform capture and VDAT plotting.

RDPs (Subfeed Panels)

LayerZero's Remote Distribution Panels (eRDPs) are designed to optimize power distribution in mission-critical environments. Our eRDPs provide a safe and reliable solution for distributing power to essential loads. These panels feature the SafePanel® Panel Board, are adaptable to various power requirements, and are equipped with advanced features for connectivity and monitoring. Ideal for a range of industries, our eRDPs focus on delivering a reliable and safe power distribution solution.