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LayerZero Power Systems Launches Three-Source OPTS Static Transfer Switch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the three-source Optical Power Transfer Switch (OPTS), a static transfer switch designed to safeguard critical loads in data centers. The three-source OPTS adds an extra layer of redundancy to critical loads, providing backup for outages of the preferred and alternate sources.

The three-source OPTS offers enhanced protection by enabling immediate power transfer between three completely independent sources, including a combination of utility, UPS, and generator power. The transfer switch actively monitors the quality of two or three connected sources and automatically switches to an alternate source if the power quality falls outside user-specified parameters. The transfer between sources is so seamless that sensitive loads are unaware that a transfer has occurred. Once the power quality stabilizes within the acceptable range, the system smoothly returns to the preferred source.

The upgraded OPTS incorporates solid-state technology, ensuring high reliability and an extended life expectancy without any moving parts. By allowing the connectivity of three independent sources to the power system, the LayerZero OPTS eliminates any single points of failure, taking reliability and redundancy to a new level. Industries relying on uninterrupted power supply turn to LayerZero static transfer switch technology to mitigate operational losses associated with power interruptions.

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