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LayerZero Power Systems Announces Launch of ePODs Product Line

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to introduce the ePODs (Web-Enabled Power Distribution System), a new line of power distribution products. The ePODs product line is specifically designed to provide reliable, safe, and connected power distribution with static transfer switching for data centers. It focuses on delivering superior information centricity and flexibility.

The ePODs product line offers a range of options, including configurations with or without transformers, and utilizes modular technologies to provide customizable solutions. LayerZero ePODs are built to meet the unique requirements of IT environments, offering advanced monitoring features and remote access to power usage information such as metering, alarms, and event logs. This empowers users to optimize their data centers effectively. The ePODs are designed with accessibility in mind, featuring system monitoring software, open protocols, and a variety of connectivity options.

As data centers continue to grow in capacity, the ability to reconfigure live distribution systems becomes increasingly crucial. The ePODs product line simplifies and enhances configuration processes through a user-friendly 15-inch color touch screen located on the front of all units. This intuitive interface enables safe and easy reconfiguration without the need to open the dead front doors, ensuring a safer environment within the data center.

The highly configurable nature of the ePODs system allows for seamless integration in both new construction installations and retrofit data centers, accommodating various requirements and setups.

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