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LayerZero Power Systems Releases ePODs™: Type-S To Manufacture

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems announces the release to manufacturing of the ePODs™: Type-S integrated static transfer switch with power distribution, designed to provide safe and reliable power distribution for data centers. The ePODs™: Type-S features a Static Transfer Switch (STS) on the secondary side of the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and can accommodate up to twelve sub-feed circuit breakers.

The LayerZero ePODs™: Type-S offers substantial improvements in system uptime over alternative models, attending to systems with severe reliability requirements. The ePODs™: Type-S features a solid-state switch that transfers power between two redundant sources in less than a quarter cycle, providing continuous uninterrupted power to critical loads and sensitive IT equipment. The ePODs™: Type-S is available with Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) logic, offering substantial improvements in maintenance and component reliability, eliminating all single points of failure while reducing overall system complexity.

The ePODs™: Type-S also has a 15-inch color touch screen, providing operators with the ability to safely configure and manage units without opening the door. Power usage information, waveform capture, and the "Black Box" utility are accessible from the front of the unit as well as over a secure network. The ePODs™: Type-S places a high emphasis on operator safety, utilizing a unique design that allows all bolted connections to be thermally scanned with the front doors closed. Furthermore, the system makes use of fiber optics to isolate components, eliminate noise, and allow for fast communication of unit information.

The ePODs™: Type-S is designed specifically for the demanding needs of 24/7 operations.

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