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LayerZero Power Systems Type-P ePODs Released To Manufacture

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems announces the release of the ePODs™: Type-P, a Power Distribution Unit featuring a solid-state Static Transfer Switch on the primary side of the transformer, delivering to twelve sub-feed circuit breakers. The LayerZero ePODs™: Type-P enables data center facilities to substantially increase power reliability, improve operator safety, and have access to detailed power information remotely. Designed for sensitive data center and IT equipment, the LayerZero ePODs™: Type-P provides power switching in a manner that minimizes load disruption.

The ePODs™: Type-P is the most extensive and technologically advanced power switching system available, featuring a comprehensive variety of innovations that are specifically designed to provide data centers with maximum uptime. The LayerZero ePODs product line is available with Triple Modular Redundancy, a design that utilizes three copies of each critical board, with error checking that verifies that the data from each board matches. A triple modular design offers up to ten times higher reliability than single modular systems and is serviceable without the need to de-energize the critical load.

LayerZero Power Systems stands at the forefront of the data center industry in delivering high-quality products that maximize system availability, taking pride in delivering higher uptime and system reliability than alternative, cheaper switching products. Exclusive technologies such as waveform capture and "black box" forensic diagnostics provide information that allows data center professionals to measure performance and maximize efficiency.

LayerZero is committed to shaping the future of the data center industry by utilizing its position as a knowledge-leader, developing technological advancements that have raised the benchmark of power availability. The ePODs™: Type-P product line is positioned to be a ground-breaking advancement in switching reliability, setting the gold standard in reliability and safety.

The ePODs™: Type-P is expected to ship later this year.

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