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Type-S and Type-P ePODs Operator Training Program Launch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems announces a comprehensive plan to provide specialized training to data center professionals that will help prepare workers with the skills necessary to effectively operate LayerZero ePODs. The training program will offer support to ensure that operators understand the best practices of utilizing the equipment and will foster a supportive environment where operators can easily stay up-to-date on the latest LayerZero advancements.

The proper understanding of LayerZero equipment is critical to maximize its benefits, and until now only isolated pockets of knowledge were available to end users. LayerZero training provides a structured, guided learning environment where operators ranging from beginners to advanced users can fully understand the operation of ePODs and have improved access to product documentation. The training program covers a comprehensive equipment walkthrough, tips on how to best utilize measured values, hands-on tutorials on operating the graphical user interface, and advice on troubleshooting. A question and answer session is also included in the program.

The program helps operators better understand how to make the most of the equipment and is appropriate for operators of current installations as well as for future operators in new constructions.

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