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LayerZero Completes 800 A OPTS Fault Testing at KEMA-Powertest Labs

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the successful completion of Closing and Withstand tests of its 800 A Optical Power Transfer Switch (OPTS) product line at KEMA-Powertest Labs in Chalfont, PA. As a result of the testing, LayerZero OPTS withstand ratings are as follows:

STS Current Rating

Withstand rating for 480V, Three-wire + Ground systems

Withstand Rating for 208V, Four-wire + Ground systems

800 A



Based on test results, LayerZero's 150-600 A product family meets the criteria of High Energy (Type III) Static Transfer Switches. Upon application of faults with the rated available fault current, the solid state switches (SCRs) neither ruptured nor shorted.

In practical terms, this enhanced survivability of the power stage under fault conditions would allow a mission-critical site to instantly recover from downstream catastrophic faults/failures without having to perform any immediate repair to the LayerZero OPTS.

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