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LayerZero Expands Product Line With 800 A OPTS Launch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the 800 Amp OPTS (Optical Power Transfer Switch), an automatic transfer switch that offers high reliability power in a safe design. The Optical Power Transfer Switch (OPTS) provides quarter-cycle static transfers between two AC sources and is the industry's most reliable, safest, information-centric, and highly connected STS.

The LayerZero 800 A OPTS Static Transfer Switch serves the needs of elite, mission-critical infrastructure requirements, eliminating all single points of failure with triple redundant control systems for complete functionality in the event of a component failure. Compatible with a variety of voltages, the 800 A OPTS offers great flexibility in nearly any data center environment, assuring maximum system reliability and uptime from having uninterrupted power. The LayerZero OPTS incorporates leading-edge technology such as the company's Waveform Capture utility, Dynamic Phase Compensation, and touch screen graphical user interface.

Since its introduction, the innovative design for the LayerZero OPTS Static Transfer Switch quickly became the industry standard. This success has helped LayerZero further develop its products to incorporate technologies that will continue to fundamentally improve power distribution in the data center, making processing centers safer and more reliable. LayerZero has long been recognized as the leader in mission-critical power distribution, and the expansion of the OPTS product line allows the company to deliver a wider selection of power reliability solutions.

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