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LayerZero Extends 800 A OPTS Listing To 600 V

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero is proud to announce the expansion of the OPTS product line by extending the listing of the 800 A OPTS Static Transfer Switch models from 480 V to 600 V. The LayerZero OPTS Static Transfer Switch transfers power between two sources in less than a quarter electrical cycle (4 milliseconds). The increased capacity of the OPTS utilizes the same footprint and does not require any additional cooling requirements.

LayerZero has long taken a proactive stance towards environmental sustainability, and this upgrade is expected to deliver significant savings in energy usage. The LayerZero OPTS is very suitable for increasing power density in the data center while retaining exceptionally high reliability.

The LayerZero OPTS increases overall system reliability by providing nearly instant transfers between two power sources, so that electronic and IT equipment is simply not affected by changes in power sources. LayerZero helps protect critical equipment from power failures and provides data center operators with the information they need to maintain successful operations.

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