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LayerZero Launches Web-Based Customer Portal

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc., a leading provider of power distribution products to critical industries globally, today announced the launch of its new Internet portal, CustomerWeb. This web-based portal offers LayerZero customers comprehensive access to important information, enhancing collaboration and providing self-service capabilities.

With CustomerWeb, LayerZero customers gain self-service access to review their orders, shipments, and other crucial information related to their equipment. The portal serves as a communication platform between customers and LayerZero Field Service Engineers, ensuring instant access to specific equipment-related details. CustomerWeb includes tracking information for all critical boards and provides immediate access to essential product documentation. By connecting and engaging with LayerZero through CustomerWeb, customers can proactively optimize the utilization of their equipment.

Key features of CustomerWeb include:

  • Reviewing and auditing all circuit-board records
  • Accessing and printing O&M manuals, start-up procedures, final test reports, and system drawings

LayerZero CustomerWeb fosters active communication in the decision-making process and delivers valuable information about LayerZero products to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

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