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LayerZero Product Testing On CustomerWeb

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc., a leading designer of power reliability products for data centers, is excited to announce the expansion of its CustomerWeb portal. The portal now offers real-time access to product testing information, providing customers with valuable insights into their products.

By accessing this information, data center operators can quickly analyze, identify, and investigate events by comparing current readings to factory installation readings. The ability to track the history of critical components through reports from the equipment's build stage makes troubleshooting easier and facilitates effective root cause analysis. CustomerWeb fundamentally transforms the customer support experience by delivering personalized and high-quality support.

LayerZero Power Systems is dedicated to setting the standard for support access through the CustomerWeb portal. The company remains committed to developing advanced power distribution equipment that offers maximum reliability, safety, and connectivity, empowering data processing centers to achieve optimal uptime.

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