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LayerZero Power Systems Announces Launch of 1200 A OPTS

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is excited to announce the expansion of its OPTS (Optical Power Transfer Switch) product line to include 1200 A configurations. This launch brings LayerZero's renowned reliability to large-scale applications that require high-power solutions.

The OPTS product line offers mission-critical static transfer switching with a fault-tolerant architecture, eliminating single points of failure. Designed specifically for IT environments that demand fully redundant subsystems, the OPTS ensures business continuity in the face of power failures or disruptions.

Building upon the success of the existing OPTS line, the 1200 A OPTS features a solid-state static transfer switch that rapidly detects power quality issues and seamlessly switches to an alternate power source, safeguarding sensitive electronics. With the 1200 A OPTS, data centers can increase power densities, reduce costs, and enhance safety and reliability.

The 1200 A OPTS is engineered to transfer large loads in less than a quarter of an electrical cycle, effectively protecting critical operations from power supply disruptions. Furthermore, it allows for safe bypassing of power for testing and maintenance purposes, ensuring the de-energization of system electronics while maintaining the critical load.

The 1200 A OPTS is available with triple modular redundancy, offering the highest level of reliability in the industry. By protecting businesses from power utility disruptions, it ensures uninterrupted operations for data processing systems.

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