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LayerZero Power Systems Announces OPTS Clock Synchronization Using Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is excited to announce an update to the OPTS product line that introduces clock synchronization capabilities using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). This update simplifies setup procedures and enhances time-stamping functionality, surpassing competing solutions in accuracy and reliability.

The implementation of NTP enables precise clock synchronization across LayerZero OPTS units connected over a network. By time-stamping all events and logging the information, operators gain a comprehensive view of the history of installed equipment. This synchronized time data allows data centers to efficiently monitor and respond to critical events.

With NTP compatibility, LayerZero OPTS units can seamlessly integrate with standard Network Management Systems (NMS). This expanded functionality empowers operators to remotely monitor equipment with ease, as they can quickly reference the sequence of events through any web browser.

A representative from LayerZero expressed, "The ability to effortlessly synchronize to a centralized time server is highly valuable for data center managers when diagnosing the root cause of events, and the NTP protocol is perfectly suited for this application."

LayerZero Power Systems will include NTP clock synchronization as a standard function across all equipment.

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