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LayerZero Power Systems Releases Insight Portholes For Safe Thermal Scans

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of InSight™ Portholes for its product line. These innovative portholes provide a safe solution for thermal scanning without the need to open the dead front doors. With a swiveling window that reveals an arc-resistant mesh screen, InSight™ Portholes offer enhanced operator protection from live bus risks while maintaining high accessibility.

Strategically positioned, InSight™ Portholes enable thermal scanning of all bolted connections, promoting improved safety practices and more frequent preventive maintenance checks. The thermal image of bolted connections displayed through the portholes allows data center operators to identify potential hot spots accurately and safely.

LayerZero Power Systems prioritizes operator safety by incorporating features that provide essential information while ensuring protection from energized components. The addition of InSight™ Portholes to LayerZero products further establishes the company as a leader in the design of safe power distribution solutions for data centers.

In addition to InSight™ Portholes, LayerZero Power Systems offers a range of practical safety features, including remote connectivity to installed equipment, clear Polycarbonate doors, sectionalized designs that isolate components, and insulated energized components, contributing to secure and organized wiring.

InSight™ Portholes join the extensive portfolio of LayerZero data center innovations, demonstrating the company's commitment to continually expanding its product offerings in terms of safety. LayerZero Power Systems remains focused on delivering exceptionally reliable products to data centers with a strong emphasis on safety, innovation, and information centricity.

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