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LayerZero Power Systems Launches Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switch

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is excited to announce the release of the Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switch. This innovative automatic transfer switch incorporates a range of advancements aimed at protecting data center operators. The Series 70 eSTS serves as a replacement for the OPTS product line and offers exceptional reliability with a redesigned internal arrangement, ensuring safer and easier maintenance. Available in both SMR (Single Modular Redundant) and TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) configurations, the Series 70 eSTS eliminates single points of failure.

The Series 70 eSTS facilitates seamless power transfers between redundant sources in less than a quarter electrical cycle, minimizing disruptions to connected loads without the need for cross-connections. User-defined set-points allow operators to establish acceptable power quality thresholds. If the power quality falls below these thresholds, the system triggers a transfer to safeguard critical power loads.

The Series 70 eSTS Static Transfer Switches feature LayerZero InSight™ Portholes, enabling safe infrared (IR) thermal scanning without opening the dead front doors. This technology allows operators to scan all bolted connections for hot spots while keeping them protected from the energized live bus.

The sectionalized design of the Series 70 eSTS incorporates isolated components connected by fiber optics. By utilizing fiber optics for internal communications, harmonic distributions are minimized, ensuring data integrity. The eSTS also includes a fail-safe bypass procedure that de-energizes the unit's electronics while preserving the critical load, allowing for safe component replacement without downtime. Voice prompts guide operators through the bypass procedure to ensure the correct sequence.

Equipped with a 15-inch color touch screen graphical user interface, Series 70 eSTS units provide easy access to power usage information from the front of the unit. Remote management of waveform capture, metering information, alarms, event logs, and power usage data is possible through a secure virtual private network (VPN), optimizing employee utilization and enabling faster response times.

The installation of Series 70 eSTS units significantly enhances overall system reliability, serving as the last line of defense against critical load disruptions. Operators benefit from the protection of InSight™ Portholes, insulated parts, and sectionalized, optically isolated components.

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