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LayerZero Power Systems Launches Series 70 Products in Recognition of NFPA 70e

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc., a leading provider of power distribution products for data centers, is proud to announce the launch of the Series 70 product line in recognition of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 70e. The NFPA 70e requirements establish a safety standard for electrical products in the workplace, specifically aimed at protecting operators from electrical arc flash hazards. LayerZero Series 70 products are designed to meet the needs of workplaces that prioritize high reliability and aim to enhance electrical safety.

The LayerZero Series 70 product line incorporates a range of innovative features that protect operators from potential electrical hazards, significantly reducing the risk of workplace injuries. These products allow workers to access critical system information while the units remain fully energized. For example, all Series 70 products with bolted electrical connections are equipped with LayerZero InSight™ Portholes, which enable safe infrared (IR) thermal scanning.

"LayerZero firmly believes that manufacturers should develop technologies designed to protect operators, and our products embed more safety features than any other available power distribution system," stated a representative from LayerZero. By installing LayerZero Series 70 products, computer processing centers can create a safer working environment.

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