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LayerZero Power Systems Releases Series 70 ePODs™: Dual, Type-P to Manufacture

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Series 70 ePODs™: Dual, Type-P for manufacture. The ePODs™: Dual Type-P has been upgraded to incorporate the advanced safety features of the Series 70 product line, resulting in the Series 70: ePODs™: Dual, Type-P.

The Series 70 ePODs™: Dual, Type-P places a strong emphasis on meeting the NFPA 70e requirements and includes additional safety features to protect operators. One significant enhancement is the inclusion of InSight IR™ Portholes, which utilize a protective mesh to prevent arc flash risks while allowing thermal scanning of all bolted connections without opening the front doors of the unit.

Another notable addition is the SafePanel™, an IP-20 rated finger-safe breaker panel board with a recessed well that fully encapsulates circuit breakers before connections are made. This design ensures safe installation, as the plug well is closed prior to connecting the breakers. Furthermore, the breaker subfeeds feature a lockout safety feature that mechanically prevents the removal of breakers while live.

LayerZero ePODs allow for sub-feed current monitoring and come equipped with a built-in web server, enabling easy access to information over a network. Alarm information can be accessed via MODBUS/TCP, a standard web browser, or through dry contacts. The ePODs are NTP (Network Time Protocol) compliant, allowing synchronization with a centralized server. They are also compatible with most system management software packages.

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