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LayerZero Completes 1200 A SafePanel™ Short-Circuit & Withstand Testing for ETL listing To UL 67

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the successful completion of Short-Circuit & Withstand testing for its 1200 A SafePanel™ units, achieving a rating of 100,000 A. This achievement demonstrates the high-quality design and manufacturing standards of the SafePanel™, ensuring superior performance and safety.

"The SafePanel™ meets the stringent needs of modern data center operations in terms of both performance and safety," said a representative from LayerZero. "We remain committed to providing best-in-class products that exceed industry standards."

The 1200 A SafePanel™ units will be utilized in the LayerZero ePODs product line, offering fast power switching combined with safe power distribution capabilities.

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