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LayerZero Power Systems Launches Series 70: eRPP Remote Power Panel

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems is excited to announce the introduction of the Series 70: eRPP (Web-Enabled Remote Power Panel). This new addition to their product lineup offers secure and efficient power distribution, even at high fault current levels.

The Series 70: eRPP takes reduced voltage from transformers and delivers it directly to critical operations, ensuring safe and reliable power distribution. It incorporates Selective Trip Coordination technology, allowing only the breaker closest to the fault to trip in the event of a fault anywhere in the distribution system.

LayerZero's Series 70: eRPPs are equipped with fast-acting circuit breakers that open in less than 4 milliseconds, swiftly clearing faults without affecting upstream devices. This advanced technology, developed by LayerZero, provides unparalleled reliability compared to "zero-crossing" branch breakers, making it ideal for mission-critical applications.

The Series 70: eRPP Remote Power Panels are designed for raised-floor applications, maximizing space utilization in high-density environments. They offer selective trip coordination up to 24kAIC and provide waveform capture for up to 168 branch circuits, including the main. With compatibility across Modbus/TCP, HTTPS, and Bluetooth protocols, the Series 70: eRPP ensures high connectivity and flexibility in various configurations.

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