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LayerZero Bluetooth-Enabled Series 70 eRPPs Provide Flexible Access to Critical Power Data

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. responds to customer demands for increased productivity in data center operations by introducing Bluetooth functionality for its Series 70 eRPPs (Web-Enabled Remote Power Panel) product line. The LayerZero Series 70 eRPPs become the first remote power panels to include Bluetooth connectivity.

The addition of Bluetooth functionality allows operators to easily adjust panel setups when adding or removing breakers, resulting in cost savings during installation. With a Bluetooth-enabled netbook or PC, operators can view the current panel setup and make changes as needed. These modifications are updated in real-time within the system management software, ensuring consistency in naming conventions.

The Series 70 eRPPs prioritize safety and reliability, featuring an IP-20 finger-safe panelboard design along with high-speed, selective tripping capabilities.

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