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LayerZero Series 70 eRPPs Offer Superior Connectivity with SNMP

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems introduces SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) connectivity for its Series 70 eRPPs (Remote Power Panel) product line. The Series 70 eRPPs provide comprehensive power monitoring information, and SNMP connectivity enhances accessibility and networked unit administration capabilities.

With SNMP connectivity, the Series 70 eRPPs allow alarms and power usage information to be accessed over a network, providing maximum visibility and control. Integration with network management systems enables direct receipt of alarms from LayerZero eRPPs, ensuring instant notification of events.

The eRPPs utilize open protocols that seamlessly integrate with existing monitoring software and network management systems. The Series 70 eRPPs prioritize safety and reliability, featuring an IP-20 finger-safe panelboard design and high-speed, selective tripping capabilities.

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