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LayerZero Power Systems Awarded Patent For Dynamic Phase Compensated Transfer Technology

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted patent number 7,589,438 B2 to LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. This patent protects the company's innovative source transfer technology used in their Static Transfer Switches. The technology automatically compensates for phase differences between power sources, effectively eliminating downstream transformer inrush during out-of-phase transfers.

The patented invention employs a time delay during the transfer process, with the duration of the delay determined by the phase angle between the two sources at the moment of transfer. The inventor of this groundbreaking technology is James M. Galm, Ph.D., the Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer, and Co-Founder of LayerZero Power Systems, Inc.

The abstract of the patent states that the voltage waveform phase from each power source is continuously monitored, and the phase difference is always known. This information is utilized to initiate the transfer from the first power source to the second power source when an unacceptable condition arises. The connection to the second power source is established after a period of time corresponding to the appropriate time delay.

The Dynamic Phase Compensation Transfer technology has significantly enhanced the reliability of LayerZero products compared to alternative designs. The increased reliability and extended lifespan of LayerZero's products have made them highly sought-after in mission-critical environments with zero-fault tolerance, such as data centers.

A representative from LayerZero expressed their commitment to providing industry-leading reliability and technology, stating, "This invention and its newly issued patent reinforce LayerZero's position as the pioneer and technology leader in critical power distribution."

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