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LayerZero Power Systems Improves Safety With Series 70 ePODs™: Type-X

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the Series 70: ePODs™: Type-X product line, a range of free-standing Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed to enhance the flexibility and reliability of IT data center power infrastructures.

The Series 70: ePODs™: Type-X PDUs enable data centers to easily expand their power distribution capacity while maintaining high levels of system availability. These units provide a solid power distribution foundation that ensures uninterrupted electrical power for critical operations.

The design of the Series 70: ePODs™: Type-X prioritizes operator safety, drawing inspiration from NFPA-70E standards. The SafePanel™ distribution panel features an innovative design that encloses the copper bus in the connection well before contact is made, providing protection to operators. The circuit breakers incorporate a safety feature that allows disengagement only when the unit is in the off position, preventing the creation of arcs during removal. Additionally, the Type-X units include InSight™ Portholes, allowing for safe IR scanning of bolted connections with the dead-front closed.

The Series 70: ePODs™: Type-X PDUs offer various power monitoring configurations, enabling data center professionals to effectively manage equipment remotely. The power monitor captures revenue-quality information for each branch, facilitating quick and accurate diagnosis of abnormalities. LayerZero Waveform Capture Technology records time-stamped images before and after events, providing a sequential history of power that can be accessed remotely. Custom alarms can be configured for specific set points, ensuring automatic notification when values go out of range.

Connectivity options in the Type-X units include Modbus/TCP, SNMP, http through a standard web browser, NTP Network Time Synchronization, and the ability to connect with dry contacts. The Series 70: ePODs™: Type-X units are designed to work seamlessly with System Management Software and support open protocols, making power data sharing easy.

A representative from LayerZero Power Systems expressed their satisfaction with the release of the ePODs™: Type-X, stating, "We are very pleased to offer the ePODs™: Type-X, the safest high-voltage PDU on the market. These units simplify installations while providing rock-solid reliability, making them ideal for fault-tolerant power infrastructures that require maximum uptime and 24x7 access. LayerZero has consistently demonstrated its commitment to reducing electrical hazards in the workplace, and the protective safety features in the Type-X exemplify this effort."

LayerZero Power Systems plans to begin shipping Series 70: ePODs™: Type-X units in January 2010.

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