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Measuring Energy Usage to Improve Data Center Efficiency

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems' Power Distribution Units (ePODs), Remote Power Panels (eRPPs), and ePanels play a crucial role in helping data center facilities enhance energy efficiency by providing the necessary information to measure Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). PUE is a metric that quantifies the amount of energy consumed by the facility relative to the energy directly powering the IT equipment. By measuring power loads at the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) level, facilities can accurately assess their annual IT energy usage and power efficiency, promoting safer and more accurate data center operations.

The information obtained from LayerZero equipment empowers facilities to identify areas for operational improvement and serves as a benchmark for data center operators looking to evaluate and enhance their energy efficiency. LayerZero's Series 70 products are compatible with industry-standard automated power efficiency reporting software, utilizing open protocols for seamless integration.

One of the significant advantages of measuring energy usage at the PDU level is the ability to accurately assess distribution losses that occur external to the IT equipment, such as those related to batteries and cooling components. Meters installed at the PDU output enable advanced calculations of PUE and identify potential areas for improvement.

LayerZero Power Systems' products provide comprehensive monitoring and power measurement capabilities that offer data center managers valuable insights into energy usage. These insights can be utilized to analyze and improve the efficiency of data center environments, resulting in lower operating costs.

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