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LayerZero Power Systems Releases Series 70 ePODs: Type-X Power Distribution Unit

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc., a leading designer of high-reliability power distribution products, has announced the release of the Series 70 ePODs: Type-X Power Distribution Unit. The ePODs: Type-X Web-Enabled Power Distribution Unit features an optional high-efficiency transformer with SafePanel™ distribution and is designed to maximize power reliability while providing advanced power monitoring functionality.

Configurations include up to six 42-circuit panel boards and sub-feed configurations accommodating up to two High Density SafePanel panel boards. A color touch-screen graphical user interface is accessible from the front of the unit, and connectivity is achieved utilizing open protocols.

Higher Reliability with ePODs: Type-X PDU

Electrical reliability is improved with the implementation of the LayerZero Series 70 ePODs: Type-X. The ePODs: Type-X utilizes high-speed current-limiting circuit breakers, providing guaranteed selective trip coordination with the main breaker. The current-limiting Type-X breakers safely clear fault energy in a manner that protects the main breaker from downstream faults so that if a breaker trips, only one branch is affected.

The PDU construction includes insulated bus work, silver-plated terminals, and compression-style connections. The Type-X PDU is convection cooled, allowing for higher reliability than designs that make use of fans.

Providing Safe Power Distribution

The Series 70 ePODs: Type-X Power Distribution Unit is inspired by the safety recommendations of NFPA-70E and is designed to be safe to operate and maintain. Featuring InSight IR™ Portholes and front and side-only access, all bolted connections can be thermally scanned with the deadfront closed and tightened without requiring rear access. The design of the panel board features IP-20 finger-safe recessed connection wells, helping to ensure safe installation of additional circuit breakers.

Power Quality Monitoring

Real-Time Waveform Capture in the Type-X Power Distribution Unit is standard functionality, allowing operators to visually examine the quality of power events. Triggered by voltage abnormalities and overcurrent, the Type-X Power Distribution Unit simultaneously captures waveforms six cycles before and after the events on the main breakers and on every single branch circuit breaker.

Waveform capture technologies are useful when analyzing the root cause of power events. The power quality monitoring functionality of the Type-X PDU provides a snapshot of the entire power flow; users have the ability to capture waveforms for every single branch circuit.

Connectivity to Open Protocols

The ePODs: Type-X Power Distribution Unit supports connectivity to open protocols. With support for Modbus, SNMP, TCP/IP, NTP Time Clocks, and Bluetooth, the Series 70 ePODs: Type-X is designed to easily connect to building management software.