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LayerZero Granted Neutral Switching Patent

Aurora, Ohio -

LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has been granted U.S. Patent 8,674,555 for their invention titled "Neutral Switching High Speed AC Transfer Switch." This patent relates to the transfer of electrical load between power sources using a hybrid solid state/mechanical transfer switch. The invention combines the advantages of both types of switches while eliminating their respective disadvantages.

The hybrid neutral transfer switch described in the patent allows for the transfer of a load between multiple AC power sources. It includes a neutral gate controlled device connected to the neutral input of each power source, as well as a mechanical transfer switch that switches between the neutral inputs. During the power transfer, the neutral gate controlled devices are activated and/or deactivated in coordination with the switching of the mechanical transfer switch.

The use of a hybrid switch that combines solid state phase switches and a hybrid solid state/mechanical neutral transfer switch addresses the limitations of both solid state and mechanical switches while retaining their advantages. It ensures continuity of the neutral current during power transfer and eliminates the ground current associated with solid state switches, resulting in negligible voltage between neutral and ground at the load location.

For more information, you can refer to the Google Patents or USPTO websites.

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