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LayerZero Announces ITIC Plotting Capabilities to its Product Line

Aurora, Ohio -

LayerZero Power Systems, a leading provider of power distribution and monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of ITIC Plotting capabilities to its product line. This new feature will allow users to easily determine whether a power quality event has affected sensitive computer equipment.

ITIC Plotting is a standard that defines how different types of electronic equipment behave when subjected to various types of power disturbances. By analyzing the data generated by ITIC Plotting, users can determine whether a power quality event, such as a voltage sag or surge, has occurred and whether it has affected their IT equipment.

"We are excited to offer our customers ITIC Plotting capabilities as part of our comprehensive power monitoring solutions," said the Marketing Manager at LayerZero Power Systems. "This feature will enable our customers to quickly and easily identify power quality issues that may have affected their sensitive computer equipment, ensuring that they can take corrective action and minimize downtime."

LayerZero's ITIC Plotting capabilities will be available as part of the company's advanced power monitoring solutions. These products provide real-time monitoring and analysis of power quality data, allowing users to proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact their critical IT equipment.

About LayerZero Power Systems:

LayerZero Power Systems is a leading provider of power distribution and monitoring solutions for data centers, industrial applications, and other critical facilities. The company's products include power distribution units (PDUs), static transfer switches (STSs), and power monitoring software, all designed to ensure the reliable and efficient delivery of power to critical loads. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, LayerZero Power Systems is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for its customers.


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