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Decoding Complex Data: Introducing LayerZero’s VDAT Technology

[Aurora, Ohio, 8/16/23] – LayerZero Power Systems (LayerZero), a global leader in power reliability solutions, proudly unveils its latest innovation: VDAT Plotting Technology. Designed to simplify power systems data analysis, this advancement promises ease of use and accessibility for professionals in the industry. 
At its core, VDAT (Voltage Disruption Analysis Tool) represents a quantum leap in the field of power systems data interpretation. By harnessing state-of-the-art algorithms and processing techniques, it effortlessly translates complex power data into discernible, actionable insights.  The introduction of VDAT tackles a major industry challenge. While traditional waveform captures often prove intricate and challenging to interpret, VDAT brings clarity with its intuitively designed plots based on Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC) standards, empowering professionals to make quick and informed decisions. 

Key Features of LayerZero’s VDAT Plotting Technology include:

VDAT Plotting Technology by LayerZero

VDAT Plotting Technology by LayerZero

VDAT is a software tool that provides real-time visualization and advanced insights into power systems data. It can be used to detect voltage anomalies, identify potential causes of disruptions, and make informed decisions about the operation of power systems.

Real-time Data Visualization: The VDAT provides instant visualization of complex power data, enabling rapid detection of voltage anomalies.
User-Friendly Interface: Tailored to professionals with varying expertise, the technology boasts an intuitive interface ensuring easy navigation and interpretation of generated plots.
Advanced Root Cause Analysis: Beyond visualization, the VDAT conducts comprehensive analysis of voltage disruptions, unveiling potential causes. 
ITIC Plotting: A standout feature of the VDAT is its ability to generate ITIC plots—specialized graphs illustrating the severity of voltage disruptions. Unlike typical waveform captures that require expert analysis, VDAT plots offer clear, easy-to-understand insights, answering whether sensitive equipment will be affected by voltage disruptions or not.

Downloadable Images Available: Images are not limited to local display.  Waveforms and ITIC Plots generated from LayerZero's VDAT Plotting Technology can be downloaded and used in reports, presentations, and other documentation.

A representative from LayerZero highlighted, "We are excited to introduce the LayerZero VDAT Plotting Technology. This innovative solution addresses the need for enhanced data analysis that is accessible to all users, regardless of their technical expertise. VDAT delivers a straightforward, binary response regarding the impact of power quality disruptions on equipment, clearly indicating whether the connected equipment was affected or not.” 

LayerZero VDAT Plotting Technology will transform the power systems industry by streamlining data analysis and decision-making. Traditional waveform captures are difficult to read and interpret, making it hard for power systems engineers to make informed decisions. VDAT, on the other hand, creates easy-to-read charts that provide a clear overview of the data. This allows engineers to quickly identify anomalies, and make more informed decisions about the operation of their power systems.


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