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LayerZero 1200 A, 3-Source OPTS Static Transfer Switch Released To Manufacture

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the 1200 A 3-Source OPTS for manufacture. This automatic static transfer switch is specifically designed to deliver high-quality power switching between three redundant sources, catering to the continuous power distribution needs of mission-critical environments.

The 3-source OPTS allows for the connection of three input sources, such as utility lines, UPS units, and generators, to a static transfer switch, thereby enhancing power reliability in a significant way.

The LayerZero OPTS Static Transfer Switch employs automatic power quality sensing, enabling seamless transfers as required to safeguard critical loads. To ensure maximum reliability, the 1200 A 3-Source OPTS is available in SMR (Single Modular Redundant) configurations. This design segmentates and partitions the controls to provide redundancy throughout the system, and all components of the OPTS units can be replaced without de-energizing the critical load.

LayerZero OPTS units offer remote monitoring capabilities via various open protocols and a standard Ethernet connection. They are compatible with most System Management Software, providing convenient and flexible monitoring options. Configurability is made simple through the use of a 15-inch color touch screen GUI located on the front of the unit. This interface grants safe and immediate access to features such as waveform capture, mimics, metering, and alarms.

Featuring a fuseless design and solid-state power switching, LayerZero OPTS units are 100% rated and capable of transferring power in less than a quarter of an electrical cycle. This ensures uninterrupted operation of sensitive electronic and IT equipment during power transfers. With the highest level of protection, LayerZero OPTS 3-Source Static Transfer Switches are perfectly suited for mission-critical applications, particularly in data processing centers.

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