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LayerZero Power Systems Releases Series 70 ePODs™: Type-S to Manufacture

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the Series 70 ePODs™: Type-S Power Distribution System for manufacture. The Series 70 ePODs™: Type-S is designed to provide solid-state switching between two independent power sources, with each source connected to a transformer that feeds one side of the static transfer switch. Additionally, the system offers downstream power distribution capability. The Type-S units incorporate upgraded safety designs that allow for thermal scanning with the dead front doors closed, ensuring operator safety.

As part of the Series 70 product line, the Type-S places a strong emphasis on operator safety during operation. It features InSight IR™ Portholes, isolated components, and critical electronics protected by Polycarbonate windows. Consistent with the rest of the Series 70 product line, the Type-S units include insulated connections to enhance operator protection.

The Series 70 ePODs™: Type-S is designed to provide a high level of reliability throughout the lifespan of the product, especially when combined with a renewal system. With high-efficiency transformers, LayerZero products have the potential to significantly reduce power consumption in data centers.

Series 70 ePODs™: Type-S units are specifically engineered to enhance the safety and reliability of critical power distribution systems.

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