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Series 70 eRPP Selective Trip Coordination Testing Complete

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce the completion of key testing for its Selective Trip Coordination technology. This technology ensures that in the event of a downstream fault occurring in a Remote Power Panel (eRPP), only the breaker closest to the fault will trip. LayerZero's high-speed branch circuit breakers are specifically designed for high-speed selective tripping, capable of opening within 2-4 milliseconds. They effectively protect the main breakers and provide coordination up to 25kAIC (kiloampere interrupting capacity).

"The successful test results mark a significant milestone in LayerZero's history," stated a company representative. "Selective Trip Coordination will become increasingly important as data centers continue to increase in power densities. Traditional zero-crossing breakers, which can take up to three cycles to trip, are not sufficient in high-power environments."

Selective tripping is a highly reliable mechanism that ensures the main breaker does not trip when a fault occurs at the branch level. This protection prevents a downstream fault from affecting the entire power panel. Selective Trip Coordination rapidly extinguishes the arc, diverting energy away from contacts and preventing excessive heating of cables. In mission-critical applications, high-speed branch circuit breakers with selective trip coordination are essential for safeguarding critical loads.

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