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LayerZero Launches eBOSS Customer Portal

Chagrin Falls, Ohio - - LayerZero Power Systems is excited to announce the release of eBOSS (Web-Enabled Back Office System Software), a customer portal designed to provide real-time and reliable information about orders.

eBOSS is a web-based system that centralizes the internal business workings of LayerZero Power Systems and connects them to a user-friendly interface accessible by customers. With eBOSS, customers gain secure access to a range of features including real-time product information, custom product configurations, order histories, installed equipment histories, and service call inquiries.

The eBOSS software employs advanced technology to track customers' products, applicable parts, and firmware versions, delivering personalized information specific to their configurations. This streamlines the search for information and enhances the overall customer experience.

One of the key benefits of eBOSS is its ability to facilitate collaboration and communication by instantly notifying stakeholders within the company of relevant events. This ensures that everyone is informed in real-time and enables quick and efficient responses to customer needs.

Furthermore, eBOSS enables field service engineers to access customer history and receive real-time recommendations. It cross-references critical issues related to specific software versions or printed circuit board date codes, allowing for proactive resolution of potential concerns.

eBOSS also serves as a comprehensive documentation system, providing accurate revision control, concise record-keeping, and seamless coordination of information. Its modular and structured format eliminates redundancy, keeps documentation up to date with product changes, and enhances readability.

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