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LayerZero Power Systems Releases Series 70: ePanel-HD Remote Power Panel

Chagrin Falls, Ohio -

LayerZero Power Systems, Inc. has announced the release of the Series 70: ePanel-HD High Density Remote Power Panel, designed to help data center facilities provide maximum power reliability to high-density zones. Utilizing high-density power distribution in mission-critical environments has created a variety of power distribution challenges, including fulfilling for selective-trip-coordination, and maintaining high levels of operator safety.

The Series 70: ePanel-HD is designed to provide safe power distribution in high-density environments, making the most of available data center space, while providing renowned LayerZero power reliability. The ePanel-HD is configurable with up to two high-density SafePanel™ panel boards, while providing a small 2-tile footprint.

The ePanel-HD Remote Power Panel Maximizes Power Reliability

In an effort to help data centers fulfill the power requirements of increasingly dense server racks, the Series 70 ePanel-HD delivers high-density power distribution in a fully convection-cooled design. No fans or external cooling is required. The elimination of fans in power distribution systems helps reduce RPP maintenance and eliminates nuisance fan alarms.

The ePanel-HD construction is designed for long-term use. The design includes insulated bus work, silver-plated terminals, and high-reliability compression-style connections. Cabling for installations can be installed from either the top or bottom of the units.

Providing Safe Power Distribution

The ePanel-HD utilizes the finger-safe LayerZero SafePanel™, allowing facilities to expand to increasing power needs while maximizing operator safety. Inspired by the safety recommendations of NFPA-70E, the Series 70 ePanel-HD is designed to be safe to operate and maintain.

Featuring InSight IR™ Portholes and front and side-only access, all bolted connections can be thermally scanned with the deadfront closed and tightened without requiring rear access. The design of the SafePanel™ features IP-20 rated finger-safe recessed connection wells, helping to ensure safe installation of additional circuit breakers. Configuration of the PDU can be completed wirelessly utilizing Bluetooth, adding to the level of operator safety provided.

Power Quality Monitoring

The LayerZero Series 70: ePanel-HD Remote Power Panel provides real-time waveform capture, allowing operators to visually examine the quality of power events for every pole, on every circuit. Triggered manually or automatically from power events, the ePanel-HD simultaneously captures waveforms and makes this information remotely available utilizing the built-in web server. Waveform capture technologies are functional in analyzing the root cause of power events.

Connectivity to Open Protocols

The Series 70: ePanel-HD supports connectivity to open protocols, ensuring compatibility with building management software throughout the lifespan of the product. The ePanel-HD includes support for Modbus, SMNP, TCP/IP, NTP Time Clocks, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth connectivity in the ePanel-HD is designed so that users can fully complete circuit breaker installation at the point of impact. A color touch-screen graphical user interface is accessible from the front of the unit.