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a) Our goal is for a transparent relationship with our customers. Project Management and long term product use is facilitated by utilizing eBOSS (Web-enabled Back Office System Software), a shared Manufacturer/Customer Website. Protected by User ID and Password, customer project teams can:

b) LayerZero is committed to working with the customer project team throughout the life-cycle of the project: from drawing review to factory testing to commissioning to supporting the product through its life.

1) Equipment status update includes:

Integrated Planning Process

Our planning process is strongly integrated with eBOSS, ensuring that the data used to make decisions happens in real-time, and that this information is unified into one location.

eBOSS enables customers to obtain specifications, acquire valuable project documentation, and schedule Customer Service visits.

Our Products Management Support is a data-driven comprehensive cycle that analyses your goals and explores options on how to achieve them. Once the various options have been discussed, we begin our detailed planning which is customized to your priorities, budget, and deadlines.

When an effective plan has been decided upon, we can advise on an appropriate method of implementation, and assist with evaluating these efforts.

We are well experienced with access to a diverse range of knowledge, and can help your organization make sound, well thought out, and robust plans.