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Achieve True Mission Critical Performance with Selective Trip Coordination

True mission critical performance is achieved when RPP components are designed to trip selectively; AND have the property of current-limiting or high-speed tripping.

Selective Tripping means that when a fault occurs anywhere in the distribution system, one and only one breaker will trip. That breaker will always be located upstream and closest to the fault.

Simulate Circuit Breaker Tripping

LayerZero products are constructed to be strong and exceptionally reliable, both electrically and mechanically.

Designed for safe and easy maintenance, the design of LayerZero panel boards significantly reduces the probability of operator error, helping to ensure maximum uptime. Operators are less prone to make mistakes when working with a finger-safe panel that is physically separated with a barrier. Design details such as breaker bolts that are not live and insulated buswork also help increase reliability by putting less stress on operators. The breakers have been challenged under the most demanding physical tests, and have proven to be extremely reliable.

The trend toward higher power density designs in modern data centers has created new difficulties in establishing proper circuit breaker coordination. Higher capacity power distribution transformers with lower per-unit impedance place increasing coordination pressure on all downstream protective devices.

Traditional branch circuit breakers allow too much fault current to flow before disconnecting the fault, which does not permit proper coordination with the 225ARMS or 400ARMS upstream panelboard main or subfeed distribution circuit breakers.

Selective trip operation via proper coordination is achievable at very high prospective fault current levels by using current limiting (fast acting) branch circuit breakers. Current limiting branch circuit breakers substantially ease the coordination design process, improve overall system reliability and yield measurable uptime improvement for the mission critical facility end user.

High Speed (Current Limiting) Circuit Breaker Operation

In mission-critical environments, such as data centers, components should be designed to trip selectively and have the property of current-limiting or high-speed tripping. Below is a video of a circuit breaker used in LayerZero products clearing a downstream fault.

High-speed current limiting circuit breakers provide a high reliability tripping mechanism that is designed to safeguard cables and wires from excessive overheating. The breakers consist of a current limiting element that safely diverts the energy from the fault away from the contacts, to protect upstream devices.

This video is of an actual fault event:


Circuit Breaker: 60A
Voltage: 240V (L-L)
Fault rating: 25,000 A available fault current
Fault type: Line-to-Neutral