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SafePanel™ Panel Board

The LayerZero SafePanel™ is an IP-20 rated, finger-safe panel board. With the SafePanel, there is no exposure to live bus.

The busway of the SafePanel is located safely behind a plastic resin-injected molding.

The LayerZero SafePanel Maximizes Operator Safety, Permits Safe Installation of Circuit Breakers, and Minimizes the Risk of a Workplace Accident

LayerZero SafePanel Front LayerZero SafePanel Front

SafePanel Wells are Almost 1 Inch Deep

The SafePanel wells are almost 1" deep, creating an "arc-free zone" designed to protect the operator.

SafePanel Closeup


225 A - 400 A SafePanel Shrouds

In addition, LayerZero offers shouds to cover up the SafePanel wells.

1200 A SafePanel Shrouds

LayerZero Power Systems currently offers the 225 A, 400 A, and 1200 A SafePanel™.

SafePanel Installation

400A SafePanel Circuit Breakers Animation 1200A SafePanel

225 A & 400 A SafePanel™

42-Circuit SafePanel™ Circuit Breaker Installation

1200 A SafePanel™ Circuit Breaker Installation

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