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Protecting Operators While Maintaining High-Visibility

LayerZero Power Systems is committed to providing innovative and reliable power distribution solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. As part of this commitment, we utilize polycarbonate windows in our products to ensure maximum operator safety and protection.

Our polycarbonate windows are designed to allow operators to safely view the status of circuit breakers and internal LEDs located on printed circuit boards. These windows are incorporated into the design of our exterior, dead-front doors and within internal components that contain live parts. The polycarbonate shields provide effective protection against exposed live and energized components, ensuring that operators are kept safe at all times.

In addition to our polycarbonate windows, we equip all our doors with door-switches that record an alarm when the door is opened. This event is permanently stored in the event-history log for that unit, providing a record of all access to the equipment. This helps to ensure that all access is monitored and recorded, providing maximum security and safety for your facility.

At LayerZero Power Systems, we are committed to providing the highest levels of safety and quality in our products. Our use of polycarbonate windows and door-switches is just one example of our commitment to safety and innovation. With our products, you can be assured of maximum uptime and operational efficiency, without compromising on safety.

Polycarbonate windows are an essential safety feature in our products, providing operators with a safe view of circuit breakers and internal LEDs. LayerZero Power Systems utilizes polycarbonate windows on exterior, dead-front doors, and within internal components that contain live parts. All our doors are equipped with door-switches to record access, ensuring maximum security and safety for your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our world-class products and services.