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LayerZero Power Systems Granted Utility Patent No. CA 2931911 for SafePanel Covers, Providing Increased Safety and Reliability for Mission-Critical Applications

LayerZero Power Systems (LayerZero®), a leading manufacturer of static transfer switches (STSs), power distribution units (PDUs), and mission-critical power panels, today announced that the Canadian Commissioner of Patents has granted a full utility patent (No. CA 2931911) for its SafePanel® covers.

SafePanel covers are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They are straightforward to install and remove, even with heavy gloves, without compromising on safety or reliability.

SafePanel covers feature a unique design that includes a body, a connector, and a gripping portion. The body has two parallel surfaces connected by a perimeter wall. A notch in the perimeter wall provides access to a fastener on the power panel. The connector has a perimeter wall that extends from the body to a distal end. Relief areas in the perimeter wall near the distal end allow for easy insertion and removal. A stop in the connector prevents it from being inserted too deeply.

The LayerZero SafePanel
The LayerZero SafePanel Cover

This unique design provides a number of advantages, including:

  • Increased safety: SafePanel covers prevent accidental contact with live conductors and other energized components, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and injuries.
  • Improved reliability: SafePanel covers reduce the risk of electrical accidents and workplace injuries, which improves reliability for mission-critical applications.
  • Easy installation and removal: SafePanel covers are easy to install and remove, even with heavy gloves, making them ideal for use in environments where workers need to be able to access power distribution panels quickly and safely.

The new utility patent covers the design, manufacturing methods, operation, and assembly of the SafePanel covers. This provides LayerZero with broader protection for its innovative product and helps to ensure that SafePanel covers are the only choice for businesses and organizations that need to protect their critical infrastructure from electrical hazards.

SafePanel covers can be used in a variety of mission-critical applications, including:

The LayerZero SafePanel Patent Certificate
The Canadian SafePanel Cover Patent Certificate
  • Data centers
  • Mission-critical facilities
  • Industrial settings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Transportation facilities
  • Government facilities

In addition to the standard SafePanel cover, LayerZero also offers a fiberglass link insert that can be used to couple two or more covers together. This is useful for covering larger openings or for creating a barrier around multiple power distribution panels.

LayerZero Power Systems is committed to providing its customers with the safest and most reliable power distribution solutions. The new utility patent for SafePanel covers is just one example of LayerZero's commitment to innovation and its dedication to protecting its customers' critical infrastructure.

About LayerZero Power Systems
LayerZero Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of power distribution units (PDUs) and other power distribution equipment. The company's products are designed to provide safe and reliable power distribution for mission-critical applications. LayerZero Power Systems' customers include some of the world's largest data center operators, telecommunications companies, and industrial manufacturers.

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