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LayerZero® is more than a brand, it is a promise of commitment towards safety, reliability, and innovation in mission-critical power distribution equipment. LayerZero Power Systems designs solutions that shape the power distribution industry, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

The LayerZero Difference

LayerZero: Quality in Manufacturing

LayerZero: Quality in Manufacturing

At LayerZero Power Systems, we've built a reputation for delivering the highest quality power distribution equipment in the industry, thanks to our focus on innovative designs and stringent manufacturing standards. LayerZero® Static Transfer Switches (STS) are celebrated as the most reliable and quality-built units worldwide. Through the use of automated machinery and robotics, we are able to achieve high levels part repeatability and quality. Our aim is not simply to build world-class products; it's to instill confidence in our customers, providing them peace of mind with every LayerZero Power Systems product they use. Our customers' trust is our most valued recognition and fuels our drive to deliver unmatched quality.

Exceptional Service and Support: There at Every Step

LayerZero Customer Service

LayerZero's customer-first approach is reflected in our proactive service and support system. We pride ourselves on quickly resolving issues and ensuring your operations run smoothly. We don't just meet expectations; we exceed them because we believe our customers deserve nothing less than extraordinary. We're proud to say that our customers don't just love our products; they love the people behind them, the friendly CSTs on customer sites, the knowledgeable experts offering advice on the phone, and the patient problem-solvers working around the clock behind the scenes. Experience the LayerZero difference; where customers are not just valued, but celebrated. Where service is not just provided, but perfected.

LayerZero: Setting New Standards in Operator Safety

Installing a circuit breaker with the SafePanel panel board

LayerZero Power Systems is the leader in safety innovation. Our finger-safe SafePanel® panel board is a testament to our commitment to safety. The enclosed design and innovative safety features of the SafePanel® panel board have gained the attention and admiration of industry leaders. We are constantly working to develop new and improved safety features for our products, and we are proud to lead the industry in safety innovation.

Superior Power Reliability

Seismic Testing a PDU

LayerZero Power Systems is renowned for its reliable power distribution equipment. This is due to a number of features that prevent or minimize failures, such as Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR), internal redundancy, silver-plated input terminals, seismic product designs, a safe bypass procedure, voice-guided bypass, convection-cooled exhaust systems, epoxy-coated buswork, maintenance-free joints, and optical fiber-based controls. LayerZero also uses vertical integration, automated machinery and robotics, and rigorous testing to maximize product reliability.

LayerZero Does Power Quality Monitoring Better Than Everyone Else

Power Quality Monitoring

LayerZero Power Systems is the only company that offers a fully integrated power quality monitoring solution with ITIC Plotting and real-time waveform capture. Our solution was developed in-house by LayerZero, and gives you valuable insights about your critical infrastructure that are easy to read and understand. This information can help you to make smart decisions, reduce downtime, and optimize performance.

Organizational Agility and Experience: Your Success is Our Mission

The LayerZero Logo on an ePanel-HD2

LayerZero is more than a brand; it's a team of passionate individuals unified by a common mission - to deliver the finest power distribution solutions in the world. Our flat organizational structure facilitates rapid decision-making and quick responses, eliminating the need for endless chains of approvals. LayerZero’s seasoned experience in the industry allows us to cater to your needs efficiently and effectively. At LayerZero, you're not just a customer; you're a co-author in our mutual success stories.