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Achieve A Higher Level Of Power Reliability with LayerZero Power Systems

Maximize Power Reliability with LayerZero

LayerZero is the leading provider of critical power infrastructure solutions. Our products are designed and manufactured with a comprehensive array of features to ensure unmatched reliability and resilience.

Reliability Design Features:

Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR):

Increase Reliability with Triple Modular Redundancy

TMR ensures continuous operation even if one of the three independent modules fails. This redundancy provides a high level of reliability, ensuring critical functions remain operational in case of any module failure.

Internal Redundancy:

Internal Redundancy in LayerZero STS Systems

LayerZero incorporates internal redundancy to provide backup for critical components within its systems. This redundancy further enhances the overall robustness of the system, minimizing the risk of downtime due to component failures.

Silver-plated Input Terminals:

Silver Plating Increases Electrical Reliability

LayerZero utilizes silver-plated input terminals, which offer superior electrical conductivity and increased reliability. This design choice ensures optimal performance and reduces the likelihood of signal degradation during transmission.

Maintenance-free Joints:

Brazed Internal Joints

LayerZero's products are equipped with maintenance-free joints, eliminating the need for routine upkeep. This feature minimizes downtime and maximizes overall reliability, reducing operational costs and enhancing system performance.

Optical Fiber-based Controls:

Fiber Optic Based Controls

LayerZero utilizes optical fiber-based controls, offering a high-reliability solution that is immune to electromagnetic interference. This includes disturbances caused by solar flares, making the system more resilient and dependable during adverse conditions.

Seismic Designs:

Seismic Tested Designs

LayerZero's products are designed and tested to withstand the effects of seismic events, such as earthquakes. This capability ensures that critical systems continue to operate even during seismic disturbances, providing uninterrupted power delivery.

A Safe Bypass Procedure with Voice-guided Bypass and Video Guidance:

Voice Guided Bypass Procedure in LayerZero eSTS Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero implements a safe bypass procedure, complete with voice-guided instructions and video guidance. This comprehensive approach significantly reduces the risk of human error during critical operations, maintaining the safety and integrity of the system.

Convection Cooling up to 1200 A:

Convection Cooling in LayerZero Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero employs convection cooling up to 1200 A, offering a maintenance-free cooling solution that surpasses traditional fan-reliant systems in terms of reliability. This cooling mechanism ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to prolonged equipment life and consistent performance.

Epoxy-coated Buswork:

Epoxy Coated Buswork

LayerZero's use of epoxy-coated buswork provides a corrosion-resistant and durable system. The protective coating ensures that the buswork remains reliable and functional, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Reliability Manufacturing Practices:

Vertical Integration:

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing at LayerZero

LayerZero's vertical integration approach enables complete control over the entire manufacturing process, from design to assembly. This meticulous oversight ensures that each product is crafted to adhere to the company's strict quality standards, resulting in reliable and durable solutions.

Automated Machinery and Robotics:

Automated Machinery and Robotics in LayerZero's Manufacturing

Automated machinery and robotics play a significant role in LayerZero's manufacturing processes. By employing these advanced technologies, the company ensures precise, accurate, and consistent production, contributing to the overall reliability of their products.

Rigorous Testing:

Quality Testing at LayerZero Power Systems

All LayerZero products undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of reliability. The thorough testing process guarantees that only products of the utmost quality are delivered to customers, ensuring maximum performance and dependability in critical applications.