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eBOSS Fosters Open Communication

eBOSS (Web-Enabled Back-Office System Software) is a powerful communication tool that facilitates seamless communication between customers and LayerZero Power Systems. It empowers power distribution professionals to design and manage custom LayerZero products quickly and easily through its user-friendly interface, the eBOSS Configurator.

The Configurator is a valuable resource for engineers and electrical contractors as it streamlines the planning process and allows for the creation of customized products that meet specific needs. It enables the export of CSI formatted product specifications and documentation for each configuration step, ensuring accuracy and traceability.

The Configurator's dynamic menu system provides options based on compatibility, ensuring that only viable choices are presented to the user. This feature eliminates errors and saves time by reducing the number of back-and-forth interactions between the customer and LayerZero Power Systems.

eBOSS is a reliable and efficient system that facilitates seamless communication between LayerZero Power Systems and its customers, streamlines the product design process, and enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the entire system.

Access LayerZero Power Systems eBOSS Configurator

Please call 440-399-9000 or email for assistance configuring your specifications.