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LayerZero Announces Seismic Compliance of STS Products

Aurora, Ohio -

LayerZero Power Systems is pleased to announce that its 800A Static Transfer Switch (STS) has passed the AC-156 test criteria with flying colors, including testing that verifies that in a seismic event the equipment will continue to function as intended. LayerZero's seismic qualification testing is performed on a calibrated shake table, ensuring that mere seismic paper studies are no substitute for rigorous and precise verification.

The LayerZero 800A STS underwent testing on November 28, 2018, and demonstrated an exceptional level of durability and resilience in the face of simulated seismic events.

As a leading provider of power distribution and monitoring solutions, LayerZero Power Systems is committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability in its products. The successful compliance with AC-156 test criteria is a testament to the rigorous testing and quality assurance measures that are implemented in the development and manufacturing of LayerZero products. LayerZero's dedication to seismic testing using a calibrated shake table underscores the company's commitment to precision and accuracy.

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About LayerZero Power Systems:

LayerZero Power Systems is a leading provider of power distribution and monitoring solutions for data centers, industrial applications, and other critical facilities. The company's products include power distribution units (PDUs), static transfer switches (STSs), and power monitoring software, all designed to ensure the reliable and efficient delivery of power to critical loads. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service, LayerZero Power Systems is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for its customers.


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