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LayerZero Power Systems Announces Series 70: eRPP-FS Remote Power Panel

Aurora, Ohio -

LayerZero Power Systems is pleased to announce the release of the Series 70: eRPP-FS, a new and innovative design that sets a higher standard in operator safety. The eRPP-FS features a completely finger-safe design with no exposed bus, ensuring maximum safety for operators. The panel requires front and side access, offering flexibility for circuit breaker installation on either the left or right side. The eRPP-FS is equipped with two 42-circuit panel boards and is designed to prioritize power reliability, operator safety, open connectivity, and advanced power quality monitoring capabilities.

The eRPP-FS boasts selective trip coordination, guaranteeing that if a branch circuit breaker trips, the main breaker will remain unaffected. All panel boards are finger-safe, requiring IP-20 personal protective equipment (PPE). The panel is equipped with a 7" touch-screen display that allows for local configuration and real-time waveform viewing for every pole of every circuit breaker. Polycarbonate windows enable visibility of circuit breaker positions even with the doors closed. Panel designations can be wirelessly named using Bluetooth technology.

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LayerZero Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of power reliability solutions, specializing in Static Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units, and Remote Power Panels for data centers. The company is dedicated to safety, reliability, connectivity, and power quality monitoring. For more information, visit


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